Chandlers Field

Primary School


Dexter is a working cocker spaniel and is in training to be an emotional support for the children. He has been in school since he was a very tiny puppy to get use to the sounds and sights of a school.

Dexter is more than just a pet or a school dog, he is in school to help with emotional support and wellbeing.He loves everyone and enjoys their company. Children read to him, they take him out to play at break times and he is always there to encourage children to come into school if they feel a little reluctant. 

Our local dog trainers, Surrey Dog School, train him 3 days a week and his training covers a range of activities; from loose lead walking, good behaviours to scent training,

Dexter is always happy to greet people and goes into class with the children as well as spending time with them in small groups. 

He loves a ball and to go for long walks. Keep an eye out in Molesey, you may see him out and about.




High Street, West Molesey
Surrey, KT8 2LX

T: 020 8224 4731