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The purpose of governance is to provide confident, strategic leadership and to create robust accountability, oversight and assurance for educational and financial performance. 

Effective governance is based on six key features:

  1. Strategic leadership that sets and champions vision, ethos and strategy.
  2. Accountability that drives up educational standards and financial performance.
  3.  People with the right skills, experience, qualities and capacity.
  4. Structures that reinforce clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
  5. Compliance with statutory and contractual requirements.
  6. Evaluation to monitor and improve the quality and impact of governance.






Body Appointing

Term of


Committee Responsibility FGB Attendance Sept 19 July 20 Committee Attendance
Sarfraz Ali Co-Opted FGB 28/4/2020 to 27/4/2024

Chair of FGB


Heads apprasial

Liason with LA in event of allegation((child protection) against the head from SSP - Behaviour and attitudes and Leadership and Management 5/5

PLAT 3/3

Resources in attendance 3/3

Bernadette Lyons Local Authority Local Authority 18/3/2021 to 17/3/2025

Vice chair of FGB 

Heads Apprasial

Child Protection/Safeguarding SEND

From SSP - Quality of Education and Leadership and Management

From SSP-Personal development

4/5 PLAT 3/3
John McKee Staff Staff Body 3/9/2017 to 2/9/2021




  5/5 PLAT 3/3 Resources 2/3
Alex Munro Co-opted FGB 12/9/2018 to 11/9/2022


Chair resources

Pay appeals panel

Pay Committee

Looked After Children

From SSP-Personal development

5/5 Resources 3/3
Edward Palmer Foundation   29/4/2018 to 19/4/2022

Chair PLAT

Heads Apprasial Pay Committee Pay Appeals Panel

From SSP-Personal development and Quality of Early Years provision 5/5/ PLAT 3/3
Daniel Stock Parent Parent Body 14/11/2019 to 13/11/2023




Pay Committee

  4/5 Not a governor in September

PLAT in attendance 2/3

Resources 3/3

Georgia Warner Foundation   18/3/2021 to 17/3/2025




From SSP - Quality of Education 2/5 Not a governor in September

PLAT in attendance 1/3

Resources in Attendance 1/3

Lynn Williams Head   1/9/2016


Pay Committee in advisory capacity

    PLAT 2/3 Resources 3/3
David Jupp resigned 28/4/2020 Foundation            
Georgie Warner resigned 18/3/2021 Co-opted            
Bernadette Lyons resigned 18/3/2021 Co-opted            
Sarfraz Ali resigned 28/4/2020 Parent            
Brianne Valley Resigned 4/7/2019 Co-opted            
Sarah Robbins Co-Opted FGB 3/12/2019 to 18/3/2021




  2/5 Not a governor in September PLAT in attendance 1/3
Governor Relevant Business & Pecuniary Interests of Governor/Spouse
Sarfraz Ali Shareholder at Viva Express Transport Services
Bernadette Lyons Care Assistant Anchor Care
John McKee None
Alex Munro Contract with SCC for the use of Molesey Youth Centre.  West Molesey Eleemosynary Charity. Parochial Church Council of St Peter's West Molesey
Edward Palmer

OFSTED Registered childminder 

3rd Molesey (Matravers) Scout Group

Related to a member of staff

Sarah Robbins o/s
Daniel Stock British Airways
Georgia Warner

Whiteley Homes Trust

St Peter's Hersham Toddler Group (p/t)

Lynn Williams LA Governor at Chatsworth Primary School



Governors secure access 


High Street, West Molesey
Surrey, KT8 2LX

T: 020 8224 4731