Chandlers Field

Primary School

Our Vision and Values


The strategic plan is a high level, long-term plan.  It sets out the school’s vision, values and strategic priorities. It is aimed to guide the choices of the school over the coming years as the educational and governance context evolves.

The strategic plan is complemented by the School Success Plan (SSP), which is a shorter-term operational plan. The SSP is developed by the Senior Leadership Team and sets out in operational terms how the long-term strategy of the school is to be achieved.

Our School Vision

To be a school of choice that children enjoy and where learning has no limits.

Our School Ethos

#Yes we can

This is brought to life through our school’s six values. Within these values we also embed British Values of Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and tolerance of all faiths.


We will promote aspiration for all and celebrate uniqueness.


We will foster the curiosity of every child to excite their interest and perseverance in learning.


We will nurture compassion


We will prepare and empower our children to be active caring resilient and respectful global citizens of the future


We will find the courage in every child


Together we will provide the magic!




High Street, West Molesey
Surrey, KT8 2LX

T: 020 8224 4731