Chandlers Field

Primary School

Paddington Place


Paddington Place is a specialist Unit for children with high level communication and interaction needs (High COIN).  We welcome children with a diagnosis of ASC (Autistic Spectrum Condition) from Reception to Year 6.   

We have a new, purpose-built building comprising two large classrooms, two group rooms and a sensory room, designed with the needs of the children at the heart of our provision. 

Paddington Place first opened in September 2021 and will have capacity for 25 children when fully open by September 2024. 

We provide a calm and nurturing environment where children are able to access their learning in small groups.  We believe in inclusion, and when the children are ready, they are welcomed into the mainstream classes for lessons depending on individual needs, and to enable them to play a full part in the wider life of the school. 


A child who has a mainstream place at Chandlers Field Primary School does not automatically become entitled to a place in Paddington Place.  

The admissions procedure for entry to Paddington Place is via the Surrey County Council SEND admissions process. Children must have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and a diagnosis of ASC in order to be considered. For more information on the admissions process, please visit the Surrey County Council SEND admissions website or speak to your child’s SEND Case Officer.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Will my child’s 1:1 hours remain the same? 
No. Funding for Unit placements works differently to that of the mainstream.  Therefore, any 1:1 hours stated on your child’s EHCP before joining the Unit will no longer apply.  For further information regarding this, please contact your SEND Caseworker at Surrey County Council.  

What is the staff to child ratio in Paddington Place? 

There is currently one qualified class teacher per class, and two Teaching Assistants who work across both classes.  As we expand, we will increase the amount of adult support available to ensure the best support for the children. 

2. What support is available when my child joins their mainstream classes? 

A member of staff from Paddington Place will go with the children. The level of adult support required for the children when they attend mainstream is assessed on a case by case basis. Therefore, this may be on an individual or small group basis.  

3. How long will my child spend in a mainstream class? 

This is very much assessed on children’s individual needs and is planned for on a case by case basis.  Where possible, we try to ensure that the children access at least some part of their week in the mainstream, particularly in terms of opportunities for social interaction with their mainstream peers. However, we recognise that all children have different needs and it may not be appropriate for them to access mainstream in the first instance. In this situation, we will work with you to develop a plan for mainstream integration that supports your child’s needs.   

4. Are the children included in all school activities? 

 Yes. Wherever possible the children in Paddington are included. 

 5. What therapies are used in the Unit? 

 A dedicated Speech and Language Therapist spends one day per week in Paddington, and this will increase as our numbers increase. Your child may be given outside support such as Occupational Therapy, Educational Psychology, Physiotherapy, etc. depending on the provision stated in your child’s EHCP.  If we feel your child needs further support, we are also able to refer to outside professionals, or request an amendment to your child’s EHCP via the annual review process.  

6. Can prospective parents have a tour of the Unit? 

Yes.  Tours take place once per term to minimise disruption to the children, and you will be shown around and also given a tour of the mainstream environment as well.  To book on a tour, please contact the school office. 

If a place in the Unit at Chandlers Field School is named by Surrey County Council and you have missed the tour date, please speak to the school office. 

8. What support is there for children with sensory needs? 

We have a range of sensory equipment available, ranging from ear defenders, to a sensory room which is used proactively to support emotional regulation. Children are also given access to movement and sensory breaks throughout the day as and when required. We continually develop our sensory resources to support the children. 

9. My child is non-verbal, are they a suitable for Paddington Place? 

Staff are experienced in using Makaton, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) and visual symbol communication (Widgit) to support non-verbal children. A child’s suitability for Paddington Place will be assessed on an individual basis, and will be based on whether we are able to offer the provision stated in a child’s EHCP, rather than whether or not they are non-verbal. 

10. How do I contact the Unit? 

For booking on tours, please contact the school office in the first instance.   

For further information regarding individual requirements, please contact: 

Adele Coombs, Assistant Head Teacher (Inclusion) 

Chandlers Field Primary School, High Street, West Molesey, Surrey KT8 2LX 

Tel: 020 8224 4731 



High Street, West Molesey
Surrey, KT8 2LX

T: 020 8224 4731