Chandlers Field

Primary School

Year 3

Year 3 is an exciting time when the children begin their journey through Key Stage Two.

In English we learn to write through ‘Talk for Writing’ where the children study a model text, learning to orally retell, imitate key language and become immersed within a genre. In Year 3 the children will learn to write a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts and are really enjoy the choice of texts, such as ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’ and ‘Stone Age Boy’.

We follow Maths No Problem which incorporates the use of resources, problem solving and group work. The children solve mathematical problems daily which are based on real life scenarios.  We encourage the children to explain their reasoning and use models to show their thinking and delve deeper into the mathematical problem, exploring it in a variety of ways.

In our Science curriculum we use a lot of practical investigation to explore scientific concepts. We believe it is important to start from what the children know, so we take the time to discuss their ideas and use these as a starting point. We regularly complete experiments to enable the children to develop a range of investigative skills and to consolidate their understanding of new concepts.  In our topic on Animals including humans we investigated how exercise affects heart rate and when learning about the children had great fun making their own fossils.

In history we study Ancient Egypt and Ancient Britain. We encourage children to ask and answer questions of sources, developing their understanding of how historians work, and compare lives in the past to their own. We have great fun immersing ourselves in the past by making pyramids, death masks, Stone Age paintings, round houses and more!


Our Geography curriculum focuses on Great Britain, rainforests and the development of field working skills within the local area. Through learning about our world children develop a greater understanding of their own locality and how it fits into the wider world.

In Year 3 we complete an Art and DT project each term, which links with our topics. In DT the children learn to design, plan and make a range of products including healthy wraps, a shaudf (an Ancient Egyptian water system) and shadow puppets. In art, the children develop their understanding of colour, sketching techniques and printing.

We have lots of exciting and interesting trips in year 3, which link closely to our topics. We visit Butser Ancient Farm, where the children are immersed in the daily life of the Iron Age.  We also visit Haselmere Museum, where the children learn about Ancient Egyptian mummification and even see a real mummy!

We begin the school day with Maths, English and whole class reading. In the afternoons, children participate in a range of foundation subjects which include Science, Geography, History, Art, D.T, Music, R.E, PSHE, PE and Computing. The children are invited to take part in a range of clubs throughout the school day, such as Awesome Club, Athletics, Art and Football club.

We continually assess the children’s understanding throughout the daily lessons and we use this to inform the teaching and the children’s learning.

The children are provided with a choice of nine pieces of homework each half term and choose which they would like to complete each week. The homework always links to learning within the classroom and covers and range of subjects, including Art, DT, PSHE and History. Each week a piece of maths homework is also set on Mathletics for the children to complete online and spellings are set weekly.


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